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My Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB 2 worked well with SUSE 11.1, but not with SUSE 11.2. However I need 11.2 to run my KVM machines.

I still get video and sound from /dev/video0, but xawtv cannot display the video any longer, so I cannot switch channel. xawtv complains

ioctl: VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY(tuner=0;type=ANALOG_TV;frequency=772): Numerical result out of range v4l2: read: rc)262144/size=331776

So I try to build kernel, but that gives me the problem Having resolved that error as described, I cannot boot my system from, because ext4 is unknown to the kernel. So I

git clone git://;

and try to analyze it with qgit, but to no avail. So I switch on ext4 support in and compile again.

Trying to compile the kernel driver from source I get

/root/pvrusb2-mci-20081019/driver/pvrusb2-dvb.h:5:26: error: dvb_frontend.h: No such file or directory

v4l-dvb contains it, see

hg clone

Even the kernel sources contain /usr/src/linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-core/dvb_frontend.h


xawtv-remote setstation 27

Get a decimal volume

xawtv-remote volume dec


My video looks much nicer when I play it using

mplayer pvr://dev/video

as adviced at

Tried This program helped me find out the frequences I needed.

Changed the channel via

tweedleburg:~/tv-viewer- # echo "224250000"> /sys/class/pvrusb2/sn-8567330/ctl_frequency/cur_val
tweedleburg:~/tv-viewer- # cat /sys/class/pvrusb2/sn-8567330/ctl_frequency/cur_val


  • vdr gives me
vdr.c:35:28: fatal error: sys/capability.h: No such file or directory

Solution was

yast -i libcap-devel

Now I got an error, solution was to #include <types.h> into vdr.c. Then I got an error and had to copy two config files to /video Now when I start vdr, I only get

vdr: no primary device found - using first device!