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AdaptiveThumb is a MediaWiki extension that allows you to create a thumbnail for an image that scales with the browser size.


What can this extension do?

This extension allows you to show images that scale with the browser window. Find an example below:

resize your browser window and I will change my size ;)

Download instructions

Download the package here:


To install this extension, in this example for Linux, unpack it to the $IP/extensions folder:

extensions# unzip

A new folder $IP/extensions/adaptivethumb will be added. Make sure its owner:group is www-data:www-data or whatever you apache is running as:

extensions# chown -R www-data:www-data adaptivethumb

Add the following to LocalSettings.php:



To use this extension, simply put a <pic> tag into your mediawiki markup like this:

<pic src="/mindmap.jpg" width=30% align=right caption="this is a mindmap" />


Download, Code, Bugreporting here:


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