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I own a Lego CyberMaster kit that is labeled Copyright (c) 1998 Lego. It looks like this:


It is really old. But I want to play with it. Basically, I am following three approaches:

  • use wine to get the software to run
  • use some Linux software that is written for MindStorms, partly with CyberMaster in mind
  • install Windows 9x on an old PC and proceed from there



Wine gave me an error when starting the CyberMaster software, so I went on to native Windows. That gave me the same error msg :) resolved that error for wine, but now I am requested to insert the CD which I have no idea how to do...

Linux tools

I am following this, especially cool is the perl part. It shows that I can transmit a command to my CyberMaster control station, but do not get a response over the wire. A read syscall simply lasts forever.


So I want to try to run it under Windows 9x.

Windows 95

I cannot install Windows 95 because the Window 95 install CD is not bootable.

Windows 98 first edition

Even with the workaround from I get an error msg when starting the software.

Windows 98 second edition

My CD is broken, I get an error during installation:

SUWIN caused a general protection fault in module SETUPX.DLL

Windows Milennium

ME setup complains that it cannot create a temporary folder on my hard disk.

Windows XP

After installing Windows XP I see a blank black screen. When I boot into secure mode, I see vertical lines covering half of the screen.

Windows Vista

The correction from does not have any effect.