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To create this site, I used the wonderful software of mediawiki. Then, I got a cousin to draw the wonderful logo. My site has been on PhpNuke before. On 1st of july, 2006, I went over to mediawiki. I had to lock the system against users registering themselves, and I block anonymous page edits. How I did this, can be found at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/mediawiki.
Now I found it was time to change the code of mediawiki a bit - all what I did can be found at https://bugs.kde.org/process_bug.cgi. enable_file_uploads=true

Comparing PhpNuke and MediaWiki

Advantages of Mediawiki

  • easier to install
  • no unexplainable errors so it does not change an article
  • no more worrying what is a section and what a category
  • no more author X supported by Y - version history instead
  • "my patches for phpnuke" - can link it from "About this site" and from "Programming"
  • no more untranslated stuff(don't know how this could happen)
  • developed by a community
  • answers to your questions,e.g.on irc.freenode.net #mediawiki

Advantages of PhpNuke

  • statistics which browsers on which OS went onto the page
  • easy rating of articles
  • aims at being a homepage generator
  • easy backup, "Backup button" is there