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For some reasons, for example if you use your own webmail server, you may want to run spamassassin on your mail-server, not in the mail program. This gives you an overview how you can do this with Linux. We will set up a mail server that fetches mail from a remote server and deletes the spam mails.

/etc/init.d/webmin start

Point your browser to http://localhost:10000/fetchmail/, use your browser to configure fetchmail.

  • configure spamassassin via webmin

Point your browser to http://localhost:10000/spam/, use your browser to configure spamassassin.

Know: Procmail processes incoming mails. One option is to feed the mail through spamassassin.

Do: Point your browser to http://localhost:10000/procmail/, make sure that Feed to program /usr/bin/spamassassin is set to Always execute action.

  • fetch your mails

Point your browser to http://localhost:10000/fetchmail/index.cgi, click onto "check all servers".

  • read your mails

Point your browser to http://localhost:10000/mailboxes/, click onto your username.