I am a wikiholic

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I am a wikiholic. I am addicted to wikis. You know why? They help me develop my mind. In medieval times, internet pages were build by someone who knew™ for novices. This is how documentation was created: An expert, say for the KDE desktop environment, sat down and thought about what could be interesting for newcomers. Then he wrote it down. Wrong way, I say. Whenever I have learned something new, I can much better explain it to novices than if I am in expert mode. I remember all the quirks that have been so hard to figure out before I really got into the topic. When I started with Linux, I had big problem getting software to compile. Then I found out that you are better off if you use your distribution's methods of installing software. Of course, I noted this down. Now this description is available to all the world, not just me. And it can even be improved by other people.