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IOMeter running under WinE (click to enlarge).

IOMeter is a disk I/O benchmark. You can measure e.g. your harddisk's speed based on block size, random read, sequential write and so on.

Here I give an example how to make IOMeter run on Linux. I have been trying to do this for 7 years. The problem is that the GUI ("iometer") only exists for Windows while the Linux packages only contain the backend ("dynamo"). To get it going I used WinE 1.3.32 on SUSE Linux 11.4 x64 and IOMeter 2006.07.27 for Windows. I did not use the source code nor the Linux binaries.

  • Set up wine repository

yast2 -> Software -> Repositories -> Add -> Community Repositories -> openSUSE BuildService - Wine CVS Builds

  • Install wine
yast -i wine
  • install IOMeter like this
wine iometer-2006.07.27.win32.i386-setup.exe
  • Start the iometer suite
cd ".wine/drive_c/Program Files/ 2006.07.27"
wine Dynamo.exe & wine Iometer.exe
  • delete all workers but one by clicking onto "Disconnect Selected Worker or Manager"
  • select "Access Specifications" -> 512B; 100% Read; 0% random -> Add
  • select "Disk Targets" -> Maximum Disk Size -> 5000 Sectors
  • select a target. In this example, let's just choose C:.
  • select Test Setup -> Run Time -> 2 Seconds
  • click on "Start Tests"
  • as file name, enter example -> Ok
  • find your data at ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/ 2006.07.27/example.csv


dynamo prints debugging output that is quite usable and understandable.

Usability Problems

  • what is a worker? Why do you need more than one? This could be a lot clearer by a simple tooltip.
  • why do you delete a worker by clicking on "Disconnect Selected Worker or Manager"
  • what is a manager? Why do I need to know?

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