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tweedleburg:~/.kde4/share/config # cat plasma-appletsrc | grep wallpaper=
tweedleburg:~ # cat setup.sh
# This file sets up a computer as tstaerk likes it. Call it after you have performed the OS installation.

# 1. set default browser for KDE to firefox
# 1.1. for SUSE Linux, where we have to look in .kde4 instead of .kde
# The key for default browser is BrowserApplication.
cd .kde4/share/config
# first delete all the old entries for BrowserApplication
sed -i 's/BrowserApplication\[\$e\]=.*//g' kdeglobals
# add BrowserApplication to the General section if a General section exists
sed -i 's/\[General\]/\[General\]\nBrowserApplication\[\$e\]=!firefox/g' kdeglobals
# add a General section and the key BrowerserApplication if no General section exists
grep "\[General\]" kdeglobals || echo -e "\n[General]\nBrowserApplication[\$e]=!firefox" >> kdeglobals

# 2. allow root logins
sed -i "s/AllowRootLogin=false//" /usr/local/share/config/kdm/kdmrc