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kde-contextmenu is a program that allows you to change the menu you get when you right-click onto the KDE desktop.

kde-contextmenu is simple and extendable.

To set it up:

KUbuntu SUSE
sudo apt-get install g++ cmake kdelibs5-dev
yast -i cmake libkde4-devel
  • unpack it, e.g.
unzip Downloads/kde-contextmenu-master.zip
  • build and install it, e.g.
cd kde-contextmenu-master
sh setup.sh
  • this should install everything
  • now right-click onto your KDE desktop, select "Folder View Settings" -> "Mouse Actions"


  • now you can change the action for "Right Button" to "KDE ContextMenu"
  • enjoy this program's simplicity :)


This chapter is for people who want to develop this plugin.

If I do not define

QList<QAction *> contextualActions();

I get


The same happens when in contextualActions() I

return Plasma::ContainmentActions::contextualActions();

See also