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My Latitude 2100 has Ubuntu as its operating system. It is Ubuntu 8.10 and upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 makes the touchscreen not work as intended.


My Latitude 2100 has an Intel WiFi 5100 and I have a LinkSys WAG160N DSL router with firmware V1.00.07.

I got wireless working once like this:

  1. update Ubuntu to 9.04
  2. disable wireless security on the router
  3. verify you can use wireless
  4. enable wireless security WPA-personal (not, as I had it before, wpa-personal2)
  5. verify you can use wireless

however, this stopped working, probably because of the kernel update I had to perform around 2009-07-31.


My Latitude 2100 has an Intel High-Definition Audio 82801G (ICH7 family). It can play sound and it can record sound as long as you plug a microphone in.