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My Studio XPS is a computer that I bought on 2010-03-09. It broke on 2015-09-13. It contains an Intel Core i7 860 with 2.8 GHz and 6 GB RAM.

Here is its GeekBenchMark:

component SUSE 11.3
graphic card works
sound playback works
sound recording works
mouse works
keyboard works
wired network works with 1000 MBit

Migrate to SSD

I got an SSD drive sponsored by Intel. Ok, let's build it in an compare performance with spinning harddrive and without.

iometer measures 111 IOPS for the spinning disk, 2s default access specification, one worker and 2122 IOPS for the SSD.

After installing the SSD booting takes 24 seconds, instead of 33 before.

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