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Mediasyntax is a plugin for Dokuwiki that enables Mediawiki syntax. It comes with a converter dokuwiki to mediawiki syntax.


Install it

  • Log in as Administrator to your dokuwiki
  • Choose Admin -> Extension Manager -> Manual install
  • Under "install from URL" enter

and click on "Install".


  • To use tables in mediawiki syntax, install the exttab2 plugin.
  • If you want the "edit" buttons to be above and not below the section to edit, install the editsections plugin.
  • Test your installation by writing a new article starting with '''hello world'''. This should be displayed bold.
  • Use the converter at mediasyntax/tools/dokuwiki2mediawiki.php to convert your existing pages.
  • To get mediawiki's style, install the monobook skin
  • Change your dokuwiki's editing help (wiki:syntax) to look like this

Syntax and usage

After installation, mediawiki syntax is used to display your pages. This also includes the #REDIRECT command.


Tables stay in the dokuwiki syntax because the mediawiki syntax does not allow for simple tables. If you really want mediawiki-style tables, use the exttab2 plugin.


To add an image, store your image (let's assume it is called myimage.png) into the image folder (e.g. /srv/www/htdocs/dokuwiki/data/media/image). To show it use the syntax



Here is a demo.


It is tested with Dokuwiki 2009-12-25, 2010-11-07, 2011-05-25, 2011-11-10, 2012-01-25 and 2013-05-10.

Developer's information

The mediasyntax plugin is derived from the cool creole plugin, combined with the goto plugin, which is now the redirect component. To download mediasyntax' latest development code, open a Linux console and type

git clone git://

You can also view the code online.

You can start developing mediasyntax.

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