Updating mediawiki to 1.19.1

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Ok, today I am updating mediawiki from 1.16 to 1.19.1. All works fine. I have

LocalSettings.php:$wgServer           = "http://www.linuxintro.org";


LocalSettings.php:$wgScriptPath       = "/staerk/thorsten";

As soon as I change to $wgServer to http://www.staerk.de and $wgScriptPath to "/thorsten" the style of the page changes to a very ugly one, just as if the skins were not readable any more.

Seems I had a line in the apache config that made apache redirect strangely:

   Alias /thorsten /srv/www/htdocs/staerk/thorsten/index.php

after uncommenting the thing worked.

Now after the update the default skin is no longer MonoBook but VectOr.