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I want to watch satelite TV in my home network. To do this, I bought a XORO satelite TV receiver and connected it to my satelite box and to my home network.

The XORO satelite TV receiver comes without WLAN, so I connected it via a Powerline adapter to my FritzBox.

On the XORO receiver I have to put the satelite cable to the connector number 4, not number 1.

I can then surf to my FritzBox and find out the IP address of my XORO. I go to its port 8000 (surf to in my case) and can configure the XORO.

Now I know how to configure it, but not, how to watch TV on it. Maybe this is of help: There I do not find where to get the m3u list, but here is a hint:

I now went to and copied the example content (several lines starting with #EXTM3U) to WordPad and saved it as "test.m3u". Then I used VLC to open it. I had to wait a looooong time and click away several error messages, but then I saw (and heard!) a TV program.

Now I took a closer look into the m3u file. It contained one thing that is probably a media URL: rtmp:// So I went into VLC again and clicked media -> open network stream -> rtmp://

and I could reliably watch one channel without being interrupted by error messages.

Now I switched off my XORO box and it continued to work. So I had watched Internet TV, not any signal from my satelite.

So the question is, how do I use my XORO Box. tells me the following URL for a channel:


where is the IP address of - I hope - the XORO tells me that 554 is the port of RTSP, I hope, UDP is the protocol.

I downloaded and installed nmap for Windows from and found out my XORO's port 554 is indeed open.