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<metadesc>Here is my opinion, including "best movies ever", "best blogs ever" and "best books ever". My all-time-favortes. Also my hobby benchmarks and where I contribute to open-source.</metadesc>
Here is what I always wanted to say:
Here is what I always wanted to say:
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= Demos =
= Demos =
* [http://www.staerk.de/files/clock.htm Just watch the watch] - only for Internet Explorer
* [http://www.heise.de/ct/schlagseite/06/22/gross.jpg FunStuff 1]
* [http://www.heise.de/ct/schlagseite/06/22/gross.jpg FunStuff 1]
* [http://www.crazy-lady-nr1.de/kommtnix-pr.jpg FunStuff 2]
* [http://www.crazy-lady-nr1.de/kommtnix-pr.jpg FunStuff 2]

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Here is what I always wanted to say:



For my mind is so little I need to write down software that fascinated me. You can participate by reading!

  • measure your storage's IOPs using IOTest
  • analyze source code using doxygen and SourceNaviGator
  • show a traffic summary on your web server with Wusage
  • schedule meetings with www.doodle.ch and Meeting Wizard
  • manage the inventory of your datacenter with phpEquiMon
  • lock and unlock your screen automatically with BlueProximity (cool idea)
  • keep a USB disk as backup and sync it with one or several computers with Unison
  • plan your appartment furniture with sweet home 3d
  • to simulate keypresses, use xautomation



All innovations have faced mis-understanding at the beginning. Here are some examples:

  • An internet connection cost 8 DM + Traffic when it was introduced. So I said the internet will never gain momentum. Because with the internet, I could write mails for free. With every mail, I could replace a letter for 1.10 DM. So the internet would only pay off if I substituted more than 7 letters to friends by mail. And I never wrote 7 letters in a month!
  • I am just digitalizing my video tapes. I saw one from 2000. There they announce Al Bundy' latest sayings on video text.
  • I thought google could never possibly be successful. Just providing links for every possible search query and financing oneself via advertisements cannot possible pay back I thought. How wrong I was! Today I ask google how I can paint my room, where I can listen to this song and where I can buy paint. Of course, there is no better place for a paint advertisement than google when I search for paint...

My hobby benchmarks

Here are they


Cool Links

all time favorites

I recommend to read/watch this:

title type of intellectual enjoyment language
the central approach - write a spec/concept once, use it many times online essay English
Der Schwarm book German
http://www.swr.de/swr2/programm/sendungen/essay/-/id=659852/nid=659852/did=10205562/1b4qxae/index.html - man muss dran glauben. Was Religion und Oekonomie gemeinsam haben ;) online essay German
http://www.businessknowhow.com/marketing/firecust.htm - the "fire your customers" myth online essay English
Beautiful Mind movie English
Idiocracy (commedy movie) commedy movie English
The hitch hiker's guide to the Galaxy read the book, the movies are worthless English
Sebastian Haffner: Anmerkungen zu Hitler book German
Wir Kinder von Bahnhof Zoo (Film/Buch)Sebastian Haffner: Anmerkungen zu Hitler book German
Trainspotting movie English
Joel on company cultures online essay English
Joel on Unix' "haughtiness-from-a-position-of-weakness" online essay English
Joel on fire and motion online essay English
Joel on user interfaces, part 1 online essay English
Joel on user interfaces, part 3 Home of the sentence "And believe you me, users care about a lot less things than you might think. They are using your software to accomplish a task." online essay English
Joel on Pricing Strategies online essay English
Joel on Leaking Abstractions online essay English
Joel on good bad Bloatware online essay English
there should be an option to disable eating all my email online essay English

Where I contribute

There are some open-source projects where I contribute code:

  • KDE
  • X.org
  • mediawiki

Also, I contribute to some wikis:

  • ThorstenStaerk on wiki.linuxquestions.org
  • ThorstenStaerk on www.man-wiki.net
  • ThorstenStaerk on de.wikipedia.org
  • ThorstenStaerk on en.wikipedia.org
  • Tstaerk on techbase.kde.org
  • ThorstenStaerk on userbase.kde.org
  • Tstaerk on en.opensuse.org
  • tstaerk on wiki.kde.org

Also, here on www.staerk.de/thorsten, you find programs from me, but in case I regard them as useful, I also put them on http://www.freshmeat.net. If I find my tutorials useful, I put them into one of the above wikis.