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Here is what I always wanted to say:



For my mind is so little I need to write down software that fascinated me. You can participate by reading!

  • analyze source code using doxygen and SourceNaviGator
  • show a traffic summary on your web server with Wusage
  • schedule meetings with www.doodle.ch and Meeting Wizard
  • manage the inventory of your datacenter with phpEquiMon
  • lock and unlock your screen automatically with BlueProximity (cool idea)
  • keep a USB disk as backup and sync it with one or several computers with Unison
  • plan your appartment furniture with sweet home 3d
  • to simulate keypresses, use xautomation



All innovations have faced mis-understanding at the beginning. Here are some examples:

  • An internet connection cost 8 DM + Traffic when it was introduced. So I said the internet will never gain momentum. Because with the internet, I could write mails for free. With every mail, I could replace a letter for 1.10 DM. So the internet would only pay off if I substituted more than 7 letters to friends by mail. And I never wrote 7 letters in a month!

My hobby benchmarks

Here are they

Cool Links

Home of the sentence "And believe you me, users care about a lot less things than you might think. They are using your software to accomplish a task."

Where I contribute

There are some open-source projects where I contribute code:

  • KDE
  • X.org
  • mediawiki

Also, I contribute to some wikis:

  • ThorstenStaerk on wiki.linuxquestions.org
  • ThorstenStaerk on www.man-wiki.net
  • ThorstenStaerk on de.wikipedia.org
  • ThorstenStaerk on en.wikipedia.org
  • Tstaerk on techbase.kde.org
  • ThorstenStaerk on userbase.kde.org
  • Tstaerk on en.opensuse.org
  • tstaerk on wiki.kde.org

Also, here on www.staerk.de/thorsten, you find programs from me, but in case I regard them as useful, I also put them on http://www.freshmeat.net. If I find my tutorials useful, I put them into one of the above wikis.