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add_toc is a Program that adds a table of content to an html file.


download KDE 4 version here
To download the latest development source code, open a Linux terminal and issue:

svn co svn://


To install add_toc, in this example on SUSE Linux 11.1

  • Make sure you have the needed software packages installed, tidy, cmake and KDE4:
yast -i tidy cmake kdelibs4-devel
  • Download the tarball and unpack it:
tar xvzf add_toc.tar.gz
  • And build it:
cd addtoc/
cmake . && make && make install

Run it


You must have your html files UTF-8 encoded. For info how to do this, read

Call it

Call addtoc like this:

add_toc example.htm 2>/dev/null

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