Desktop summit 2011

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Desktop Summit 2011 was in Berlin from 08-06 till 08-12.



  • showed my wetab to Markus, he can write an article about it
  • saw a lightning talk with Alexandra. She talked about the Qt Ambassador program which will give you marketing, visibility and merchandising.
  • talked with Will about how to use NetWorkManager
  • got umts with umts stick on gnome on suse on latitude 2100 working
  • got umts with umts stick on wetab working
  • learned about the project getting thinks GNOME
  • thinking about userbase not telling how to download KIcOnEdIt


  • danimo showed me as ubiquious nameserver
  • met annew, danimo, nightrose, sput, dirk


  • went to starbucks for breakfast
  • met atul/koolhead17, talked about userbase, http://spoken-tutorials
    • webchat/ktimetracker



  • updated Latitude 2100 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • AppUp workShop
    • now offers MeeGo software
    • Fujitsu Siemens Netbooks bring an AppStore with them, it runs on Intel's backend
    • you have to use the Intel SDK basically consisting of a library with about 6 entry points
    • no exclusivity. You can publish your app on Android's and on Intel's AppStore
    • you will get the device for 3 years. Afterwards you must destroy it, but this will not be controlled. It will be punished if the device appears on eBay.
    • channel #meego
    • MeeGo wiki
    • to get your app up:
    • AppUp is one of the few (or the only) AppStores that allows for GPL software
    • check the guidelines for a quick validation
    • rpm is standard for MeeGo


  • at home, found that umtsmon is much less flaky than NetWorkmanager under Ubuntu 10.04. From time to time, the LED on my surf stick just turns off and from time to time, internet is away when using networkmanager.
  • in Dorotheenstrasse: BOF about session management
  • updated my ExoPC with a USB stick from danimo


  • bought otelo surfstick from vodaphone
  • said hello to Mek
  • asked Karli for a talk about google ads. He recommended
  • got done
  • talked with Marco about packaging and desktop icon on N900
  • Marco pointed me to
  • N900 activities
    • copied to /usr/lib
    • verified that phone still starts up
    • wrote a script quickpen that starts quickpen with the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    • changed desktop file of quickpen -> did not execute quickpen, but the file that I used as template, blocks -> removed everything from desktop file that I did not understand -> works
  • sput pointed me to the hackingspAce in Lehrter Straße 53, 10557 Berlin