How to submit a MeeGo application with AppUp

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Ok I submitted my first App for MeeGo. You can best teach when you have been the scholar till yesterday, so here are my lessons for you.

First understand some basics. is a website where you can register for submitting your Apps. AppUp is Intel's application store, comparable with AppStore for iPhone or Android Market for you-name-it. MeeGo is a operating system distribution like Android or Apple iOS. There is a MeeGo SDK and an AppUp SDK. There is also a Windows SDK if you want your Apps to run on Windows.

If you want to submit closed-source applications, you will have to use the AppUp SDK. In this case stop reading here and continue there. In this blog I show how to get an open-source-App running on Meego on an Intel tablet. I use my application quickpen as an example. Also I will give some hints how to submit an application.


1. Download and install Virtualbox

Virtualbox is an application that allows you to run virtual machines on your desktop. To install it e.g. under SUSE Linux 11.4 issue

yast -i virtualbox 

2. Install an Ubuntu 10.04 32bit virtual machine

Don't use your favorite distribution, this might not work.

2.1. Install the MeeGo SDK on Ubuntu

Download and install the MeeGo SDK for Linux.

2.2. Take a snapshot from the virtual machine

A snapshot will allow you to revert all changes that you do from now on. You installed an upgrade and the virtual machine does not start any longer? No problem if you have an earlier snapshot.

2.3. Change VirtualBox' screen resolution

I did this in reality. The resolution is too small for sensible work. Follow this tutorial to get it bigger.

2.4. Play with the SDK

Start qtcreator using the command


Oh look! You got a simulator for a Nokia N900 inside QtCreator:

a bit small, right? Ok, let's get VirtualBox' resolution bigger again.

Click to enlarge

3. Create a virtualized tablet

Now transfer your tablet into VirtualBox. This is described here. Then you have two virtual machines, one containing Ubuntu and the MeeGo SDK, the other one containing a MeeGo tablet. This will look about like this:

Click to enlarge

You will soon learn that (a) it is hard to unlock the virtual tablet's screen and (b) you cannot end applications because the Touch HotKey is on, not in the display. So at least set the screen saver to never kick in.

4. Connect QtCreator to the tablet

We want to write software for the tablet, not for the Nokia N900. So, select "MeeGo" in QtCreator:

Click to enlarge

And tell that guy where to find his tablet:

Click to enlarge

If you have any problems with this step, here is the complete docutainment. When you now run your software, the virtual machine with MeeGo SDK installed will control the virtual tablet with MeeGo on it. Plus, you got 1337 scores on the guru list.

Click to enlarge

5. Submit your application

To submit your application, go to, log in and click on "My dashboard".

If you read the Validation Guidelines, you will find the sentence "Use of the SDK is not required for Open Source applications."

To upload your source to the webshop you will need Silverlight, so you will need Internet Explorer, so you will need Windows. You will just upload the source in a .zip format and the rpm file from /projectpath/rrpmbuild

If you submitted successfully, your application will be in the status "Submitted for Validation", then "Validation in Progress"