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This page is for people who want to participate in the ktimetracker community. So, for (future) ktimetracker developers.



Please use qtcreator. Why? Quite easy: The description how to set up kdevelop with KDE is over 200 lines long. For eclipse it is 97 and for QtCreator it is 13. So, 13 lines to read instead of 222.


ktimetracker is linked to main. Main creates mainwindow, this calls timetrackerpart, this calls timetrackerwidget, this calls taskview, this contains a karmstorage.

karmstorage stores and loads the events and tasks. taskview displays them. timetrackerwidget displays one or more taskviews in tabs. timetrackerpart can be integrated into a mainwindow or a kontact plugin. mainwindow adds the menu.

change requests


ktimetracker benchmark

The KPart Mess

ktimetracker is an application displaying a kpart. On the one hand, this makes it easy to be integrated as kontact plugin. But on the other hand, I have the feeling, ktimetracker can no long be debugged so easily.

The help menu

The help menu is stupidly overloaded and I cannot do anything about it because it is somewhere hidden in the library code. Would love to simplify it. "Help" does not need subitems - you want help.

simplify ktimetracker

goal: have a program that can be edited and graphically designed with qt creator

MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent) :
    m_ui(new Ui::MainWindow)
    delete m_ui->treeWidget;
    m_ui->treeWidget=new TaskView(m_ui->centralwidget);
    m_ui->gridLayout->addWidget(m_ui->treeWidget, 0, 0, 1, 1);



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