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khtmledit is a wysiwyg html editor. It allows you to see what you write in two windows: One how it will appear in a browser and one how the html code looks like in plain text:

The cool thing is: you can change your page in the wysiwyg field or in the plain text field - both fields will update each other. In the upper field you see the result immediately and can easily select and format your text. In the lower field, you can enter any html code that exists.

You can also change the size of the Windows, maybe you want to see more graphic, less code:

ARM port

Using my new Nokia N810, I ported khtmledit so that I can compile it QT4 only for an ARM processor. Anyway, this is far from being mature, you cannot even save your html file. Just for code-lovers ;)


download KDE 4 version here

To download the latest development code, do a

svn co svn://