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SAP BWA Explorer or so

We are in the ramp-up phase.

before wave one: explorer was able to connect to BW, not to BWA.

wave 1 bw -> bwa

Explorer is sitting on bwa, not on bw.
wave 1 is in GA

wave 2 ds -> bwa

wave 3 other clients

there is not a large load on the explorer blades.

1 explorer blade for 50 usr?



  • rsddbiamon2 is the main, general transaction for BWA.
  • rsddv - bwa index creation
  • trexadmin - trex admin tool
  • rsrv - checks
  • rsrt - query monitor






measures (kommt auf y-Achse)

dimensions, e.g. Town, ... (kommt auf x-Achse). Ist BW-Term für Facet.

facets ist der BO-Term für dimensions

BEx : Business Explorer. NOT to be confused with BusinessObjects Explorer.

BW : Business WareHouse

BWA : Business WareHouse AcceleratOr

BOBJ : Business OBJects. BOBJ was the NASDAQ shortname.

BOE : BusinessObjects Enterprise. BusinessObjects Explorer sits on top of BOE.

CMS : Central Management Server

CMC : Central Management Console - a web based admin tool

FRS : File Repository Server

PoleStar : Now renamed to SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

WebI : Web Intelligence, Tool based on universes

SBOP Explorer : SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio Explorer == Explorer == BusinessObjects Explorer (Explorer can be accelerated or not)

There are no service packs, but revision levels

There are 3 download pkgs

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (blade) 2.0
    • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer XI 3.2
    • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP2
    • SAP BusinessObjects Integration XI 3.1 SP2 for SAP Solutions
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator 7.20
  • SAP BusinessObjects Accelerator (blade) 1.0
    • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.2 SP1 (Data Integration package only)
      • index designer

SAP BusinessObjects Accelerator is called like this because you do not need to load BW data. However it is just like BWA.


One blade:

  • LT004 (Linux)
    • Explorer
    • BOE
  • LT0043-46 (Linux)
    • BWA
  • TWDF0054 (Windows)
    • DS
    • MSSQL
  • (Win)
    • BW, SID:RK4

See SystemsSetUp.docx

Goto http://lt00477:8080/polestar

Manage spaces. Create a space. Seems to be an information space. Explore it: Go to home panel.

We are group 3.

Um ein information space zu erstellen, muss ich ein Universe selektieren, vielleicht auch cube oder db. Click on manage spaces, select a universe. Ein Universe wird im Universe designer erstellt. Ein Universe ist eine Untermenge einer DB.

Aus eFashion filtern wir sales revenue etc.

Zum sichtbar machen auf scheduling gehen, um das Sichtbar machen zu schedulen.

http://lt0047:8080/CmcApp takes you to the CMC


Create InformationSpace (Filter) (xls)

  • user
  • filter field

Create InfoSpAce

  • associate

Test in Explorer

Jens, 2010-02-17

TA rsddtps brings indexes from BW to Explorer. TA rsddv brings indexes from BW to BWA.

Explorer indexes are stored in BWA (in this example we use accelerated Explorer). you see the cubes and whether an Explorer Index exists.

TA rsddtps is not enough, you need to make BW aware that it has Explorer indexes. So, run rsddtps, then tell BW to make an index. BW will not do anything, but see it already has this index.

If you only have the permission to see the data in europe and you want to see data of all the world, you will not see anything. So you will not be misguided about the size proportions.

SM37 to show what processes are running.

standby-blade license-free?

Tomasz, 2010-02-18

install BO for Linux using ./ as non-root user.

  • Discussion on CMS clustering: 2 CMS connect to the same SysDB
  • Do not forget CMC is something different

Foto: Explorer...BOE user auth is done against BW, not again BWA. BOE keeps user names, but not passwords from BW. BOE has an own user management.

Werner, 2010-02-18

  • data services is the source for BOE if BWA is not used.
  • index designer
  • repository

data services == ETL tool

Tomasz, 2010-02-18

trex://lt0043:30016/ds - Index designer.

Jens, 2010-02-19

Sales order: compression rate 10 engery consumtion data: compression rate 1

The rule "1 blade for 50 concurrent users" will change, a blade will be for much more users.

Tomasz, 2010-02-19

what must be installed on the explorer blades?

webtier potentially data services optionally

  • explorer master guide

Jens, 2010-02-19

  • web tier is no longer part of the blade

BWA settings indexserver => change mode => modifications this config file exists on every blade. You have to "save to all hosts".

Changes are documented in the Explorer Master Guide.


  • what is an example for an InfoCube?