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AdaptiveThumb is a MediaWiki extension that allows you to create a thumbnail for an image that scales with the browser size.

Download, Code, Bugreporting here:



What can this extension do?

This extension allows you to show thumbnails of images that scale with the browser window.

Download instructions

Download the package here:


To install this extension, in this example for Linux, unpack it to the $IP/extensions folder:

extensions# unzip

A new folder $IP/extensions/adaptivethumb will be added. Make sure its owner:group is www-data:www-data or whatever you apache is running as:

extensions# chown -R www-data:www-data adaptivethumb

Add the following to LocalSettings.php: <source lang="php"> require_once("$IP/extensions/adaptivethumb/adaptivethumb.php"); </source>


To use this extension, simply put a