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I want to watch satelite TV in my home network. To do this, I bought a XORO satelite TV receiver and connected it to my satelite box and to my home network.

The XORO satelite TV receiver comes without WLAN, so I connected it via a Powerline adapter to my FritzBox.

On the XORO receiver I have to put the satelite cable to the connector number 4, not number 1.

I can then surf to my FritzBox and find out the IP address of my XORO. I go to its port 8000 (surf to in my case) and can configure the XORO.

Now I know how to configure it, but not, how to watch TV on it. Maybe this is of help: There I do not find where to get the m3u list, but here is a hint:

I now went to and copied the example content (several lines starting with #EXTM3U) to WordPad and saved it as "test.m3u". Then I used VLC to open it. I had to wait a looooong time and click away several error messages, but then I saw (and heard!) a TV program.

Now I took a closer look into the m3u file. It contained one thing that is probably a media URL: rtmp:// So I went into VLC again and clicked media -> open network stream -> rtmp://

and I could reliably watch one channel without being interrupted by error messages.

Now I switched off my XORO box and it continued to work. So I had watched Internet TV, not any signal from my satelite.

So the question is, how do I use my XORO Box. tells me the following URL for a channel:


File:Http:// where is the IP address of - I hope - the XORO tells me that 554 is the port of RTSP, I hope, UDP is the protocol.

I downloaded and installed nmap for Windows from and found out my XORO's port 554 is indeed open.

Pointing VLC to rtsp:// results in a strange status bar moving, but no pic, no vid, no sound

now has an attached file, I extract it and replace by

Now using wireshark, I can see that sporadic rtsp communication is happening:

Christian recommends KODI

works now with the iPhone Sat>IP Viewer app which costs money. Had to wait a looong time till the video has played and sound was to be heard.

works now with Windows with SatIP DVBViewer to watch channel 12, 3SAT

also Arte and KIKA works if you switcht to it using the plus sign

now it works with VLC if you go to playlist -> universal plug&play -> XORO -> Astra 19.2E -> ARD: